Lying Liars and the Scarifying Lies They Tell

Is there anything these people won’t lie about?  It’s becoming increasingly clear that not only do Republicans have no prescription for improving the country, and that they have only one goal now that they’re back in a power-sharing relationship (namely, to throw sand in the gears of the Obama government) — but that the only arrow in their entire quiver is fear.  Scare Grandma; scare the poor; scare the middle class.  Brown and black people are scary; George Soros is scary; “elites” are scary; the Obamas (yes, including Michelle) are scary. Jesus, even Barbara Bush is scary; Sarah Palin isn’t.  Raising the tax rate on the superrich is scary; increasing it on the middle and working classes isn’t.  Inflation is scary (even when it doesn’t exist!). Be afraid of opposition to government-sponsored torture; but don’t fear what torture has turned us into. Be afraid of government bailouts; but don’t fear banks, bankers, and hedge-fund con men.

It’s disgusting.


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