Losing is for Suckers

You see this kind of thing crop up now and again on the Web, but it’s always amusing to observe how some on the Right see everything in political terms. I mean, come on — it’s a SOCCER GAME, for heaven’s sake! — but Our Man Barry couldn’t wait to try his political “experiment” (his word) when asked to substitute-coach.  Perhaps “amusing” isn’t quite the right word — perhaps “head-smackingly insane” is better.   (Read Edroso’s take-down of Rubin’s post here — it’s way better than anything I could do.)

Seriously, though, Rubin’s post is just another example of one of the real problems plaguing not just the Right (though they’re the worst), but a lot of Lefties too — they take politics far too seriously. Not everything is political, and politics isn’t everything. Telling people to “get a life” doesn’t begin to address my frustration with the situation — too many on the Right can’t compartmentalize, can’t appreciate that much of life goes by unaffected by political events, trends, and decisions. And that that’s what makes life, well, so enjoyable. Fun. Interesting. Inexplicable. Confounding.

As Freud noted, “Sometimes a soccer game is just a soccer game.”


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