Democracy at Work?

Gotta agree with Matt here.  I’ve always had great ambivalence about the way our government works, especially Congress. I know the Founding Fathers created a constitutional system that was designed to make it difficult to get things done quickly—you know, that whole “checks and balances” thing. And I realize that’s generally a good idea.  But Yglesias is right, too—our system, and particularly the undemocratic nature of the Senate rules regarding cloture, is a huge part of the reason why it seems nothing significant gets through Congress to the President’s desk.

I know, I know—I’m supposed to be careful what I wish for:  if I had my way, we’d be just as likely to get something outrageous like No Child Left Behind as we would a decent health care bill or a serious change in the way we address something as “controversial” as global warming. But still, it hacks me off that Obama seems to get the lion’s share of the blame when his agenda doesn’t get through Congress, when the system is so mucked up.

End of rant. . . .


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